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About us


Agro Trade Holding is the exporter and distributor  of products of the biggest soybeans processing complex  in Ukraine "Kakhovka Protein  Agro" (Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region), which is equipped with the best equipment of worldknown producers.


We are the dynamically developing company which meets  all the market demands regardless the economic situation. The company possesses the necessary material resources, financial means, well developed business relations and highly qualified staff.



Unique enterprise for monoculture processing in Ukraine.

The newest equipment of the leading foreign manufactures: CHIEF (USA), CPM (USA), Mathews Company (USA), GSCOR (USA), Europa Crown Limited (GB).

Processing capacity equals to 700 tons of soybeans. Production  of the soybean meal equals up to 550 ton per day or up to 150 000 ton per year, production of soy oil – up to 150 ton per day or up to 40 000 ton per year.

Modern grain and chemical laboratories guarantee permanent monitoring and control of incoming raw materials and quality of processed products according to the international requirements.

Raw materials


We process the soybeans produced in the south of Ukraine liken unto the South America soybeans. The irrigated lands guarantee the stable harvests.


The company owned silos  that allow to store up to 40 000 ton of soy beans.


The manufacture has favorable location: a small distance to transportation hubs (maritime terminal Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa, Illichivsk) and corridors (international  highway E-58 Vienna-Reni-Odesa-Rostov-on-Don, regional highway Simferopol-Kiev).



Agro Trade Holding has a huge practice of delivery of soybean meal and soybean oil to a wide range of countries all over the world:

  • EU countries (Poland, Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia)
  • CIS countries (Belurus, Russian Federation, Georgia, Moldova)
  • Central Asia countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc)
  • Middle East countries (Turkey, Cyprus, Iran, UAE)
  • North and East Africa countries (Egypt, Tunis, Tanzania)
  • South, East and Southeast Asia (Malaysia, India, China, Pakistan).

Our partners:



Crude soybean oil


This product is used in the food and feed industry.

Physical and chemical indicators concordantly to DSTU 4534:2006.


  • Transperancy:


  • Smell and taste:


  • Colour number:
  • Acid number:
  • Mass fraction phosphorous-containing substances-in terms of stearolecitinium:
  • Point of oil flashing:
  • Mass fraction of moisture and volatile matter:
  • Pereoxide number, ½ O mmol/kg:

Term of storage:

2 months since the date of dispensing

Allowable light haze over low sediment


Inherent to soybean oil, without outside smell and aftertaste

< 50 Mg of iodine

0.7 mg KOH/g


0.4 %

230 °C


0.18 %


Soybean meal


This product is used in the feed industry and for technical aims.

Physical and chemical indicators concordantly to DSTU 4230:2003.


  • Smell and taste:


  • Colour:
  • Crude protein:
  • Protein calculated on dry basis
  • Crude fat:
  • Moisture
  • Crude fiber:




  • in bulk
  • big-bags
  • 40 kg bags

Proper to soy-bean meal, without outside smell

From light yellow to light brown

46% min

51% min

2.5% max

12% max

4% max

Soybean husk


This product is used in the feed industry and for technical aims. Physical and chemical indicators concordantly to TU U 15.7-33867229-001:2009.


  • Smell and taste:
  • Colour:
  • Crude protein:
  • Protein calculated on dry basis
  • Fat calculated on dry basis:
  • Moisture
  • Fiber calculated on dry basis:
  • Urease activity
  • Ash


  • in bulk
  • big-bags

Proper to soy-bean husk, without outside smell


9% min

10% min

1.5% max

14% max

40% max

0.45 pH change in 30 min

6% max


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